What is RoomRite?

RoomRite is the leading resale marketplace for group hotel accommodations. Through our patent-pending marketplace, hoteliers and event professionals can resell excess hotel rooms from contracted room blocks, at their negotiated rate, to other qualified groups and event professionals. By creating a resale market, event professionals mitigate their financial liability by selling off their available rooms. Groups looking to buy a block of rooms gain instant access to real-time inventory and pre-negotiated group rates, avoiding the RFP process and wait times. Hotels avoid the pains of attrition, while gaining new and incremental business in the process. Designed by hotel and event professionals, RoomRite is the place to buy and sell your room blocks.


Key Benefits?

Groups and event professionals who resell the excess inventory from their room block, can meet their contractual obligation to the hotel, avoiding unnecessary stress and expense.
By reselling the excess rooms on their client’s behalf, hoteliers can simultaneously gain new business while helping their current clients succeed and avoiding the expense of collections and ruined relationships.
Groups and event professionals in search of hotel rooms on relatively short notice can enjoy the convenience of real-time inventory and pre-negotiated rates.

Our Team

With nearly 70 years of combined industry experience, founders Michael Weiss, Teresa Guastella and Thomas Murphy came together with the goal of solving the number one problem in group hotel travel: attrition and cancellation.
From day one, the goal has been to provide a tool that mutually benefits event professionals and hoteliers in effort to mitigate losses when attrition and cancellation inevitably occur. Using their experience in hotel sales, conference production, event software and business development, the founding team created a proprietary technology that empowers a win-win solution to this $40 billion industry problem.